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Peloton Bike

Can You Use Peloton Bike Without Subscription & How To

One of the exercise bikes that is most in demand today is probably the Peloton bike. You can virtually attend spin classes on the indoor cycling bike with the touchscreen attached. Owners of Peloton bikes are familiar with the subscription fee associated with them.

You can use the Peloton app to access both live and recorded studio classes. You can get a lot of advantages from the manufacturer by paying a subscription fee. How can I use a Peloton bike without a subscription, though, if I do not want to pay the additional fee?

For a step-by-step explanation of how to hack a Peloton subscription, read this article!

Can We Use Peloton Without a Subscription?

In general, Peloton products like the Peloton bike, Peloton App, and Peloton Tread are available without a subscription. Without having to pay a subscription fee, you can use Peloton tread.

Without a subscription, you can use the ride features and three pre-recorded classes. The Peloton screen displays your kilojoule output, resistance, and speed statistics during the ride.

The stats won’t be saved or recorded in your Rider profile.

Peloton Bike Subscription

Let’s first quickly go over the Peloton bike subscription.

The cost of a subscription to Peloton is $39 per month. You can choose from 9,000 rides and 5- to 90-minute bike bootcamp classes on offer. A professional, practical, and comfortable indoor cycling experience is provided to members by the brand.

There are two membership types available: All-Access and Digital. You must possess your own Peloton equipment in order to subscribe to All-Access. Peloton Digital, on the other hand, only costs $12.99 per month. You can take yoga, cardio, spinning, and other classes with this subscription.

You can use your equipment to its fullest potential at a cost-effective rate with a Peloton subscription. A subscription allows you to access the following:

  • Massive library of on-demand and professional live classes
  • Personalized metrics and advanced statistics
  • Ways to connect to Peloton instructor or other Peloton members

Peloton Bike Without Subscription

The Peloton bike can still be used without a subscription, of course. Peloton’s three previously recorded classes, the Just Ride function, and various cycling metrics are all accessible even without a subscription. Even without a Digital or All-Access membership, you can still see your cadence, resistance, and speed.

All Peloton bike owners are not required to have a subscription to the service. For those who are prepared to spend more money and make the most efficient use of the equipment, it is an option.

So, you could still resort to skipping subscriptions and enjoy the following:

1. Free Pre-recorded classes

Your initial access to Peloton’s three free recorded classes is free. You are unable to select the courses or programs you want to enroll in with these classes. Your equipment already has these recorded and programmed. Additionally, these classes do not allow you to access any performance metrics.

2. Just Ride Feature

You can also use your Peloton without a subscription to benefit from the Just Ride Feature. The Just Ride Function is displayed at the bottom of the screen on your Peloton bike. Each Peloton bike and Peloton bike+ purchase includes this feature.

You can access a comfortable riding experience with the help of this feature. To make your exercise experience more successful and rewarding, you must adhere to a personal training program. You have access to fundamental metrics like distance, speed, cadence, time, calories burned, and resistance when using the Just Ride Feature.

With this feature, you can benefit from limitless practice time. You can therefore ride your bike and exercise for as long as you like.

3-Steps to Using Peloton Bike Without a Subscription

Step 1. Turning Your Peloton On

Connecting a power supply to your Peloton bike is, of course, the first thing you should do to start it. Your equipment is a machine that needs power to operate properly. For the device to start up, plug a power cord into the power jack located behind the Peloton bike.

When they are linked, a green LED light will appear to let you know your Peloton bike is ready for use. To activate the touchscreen on the Peloton, press the power button at the screen’s back.

Check the wifi icon that appears on the screen after enabling the touchscreen. It’s crucial to click the icon, enter your wifi password, and connect.

Step 2. Access the Free Contents

Now that you’re connected to the Internet, you can access all of the free content on a Peloton bike without having to be a member. The three pre-programmed classes and the Just Ride Feature are displayed here. Utilize the touchscreen to navigate and look up potential courses or programs.

Step 3. Enjoy Your Peloton and Commit to a Workout

To begin, choose the default class you want to practice. Each category can be checked out to see what level and program best suit your needs and skill level. Then, using the free programs and the Just Ride feature, you can create significant exercise routines.

1. Long recovery rides

Your Peloton bike can be used for effective and secure recovery rides even if you don’t have a subscription. You are shielded from outdoor hazards like traffic congestion, auto accidents, and unpredictably bad weather when you ride an indoor bike like a Peloton.

You won’t ever need to break up your training sessions thanks to your Peloton bike, which will also help you stay more concentrated while working out and perfecting your skills.

2. Unlimited workouts

You have the choice to take part in unlimited workouts without a subscription, as opposed to scheduled 5 to 90-minute classes from an All Access subscription. More exercise time and unrestricted use of the Just Ride Mode are both possible. To get the essential exercise program for your lifestyle, the Peloton classes are sufficient.

3. Strength and conditioning workouts

You can incorporate both the pre-programmed classes and the Just Ride Feature into your exercise routine to improve it. Because you have the freedom to conceptualize your routine here, you can stretch yourself and improve your flexibility.

Bodyweight, cardio, crossfit, and kettle swing exercises can all be added to the standard Peloton pre-recorded sessions to recreate the prescribed workout. You can also use Reddit’s free training sessions as a starting point for your routine.

For instance, you could decide to combine sessions at Just Ride and Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) after 15 minutes of cycling on the Peloton. Repeating this process will give you an excellent and successful Peloton workout routine.

Adding your favorite playlist to your workouts and pairing your Airpods with your Peloton bike will also improve the experience. If you use your imagination, you have a lot of options for a Peloton bike or tread without a membership.

Peloton Bike

What Content is Available Without a Membership?

Your access to the large workout library and live classes will end if you cancel or deactivate your all-access membership. You won’t have access to any of the exclusive materials that come with a Peloton bike membership.

You can only access three pre-selected classes without a membership, though. Moreover, customers who want to enjoy the ride without any additional membership charges can use the “Just Ride” feature.

Utilizing a Peloton bike allows you to view all the metrics and stats in real time. The metrics for a single session with pauses are also available. There are also scenic rides available where resistance and cadence can be adjusted.

What is Included in the Peloton Subscription?

All of Peloton’s live and recorded classes are accessible with the subscription, and you can keep tabs on your development.

Peloton offers a range of classes, including those for running, yoga, meditation, strength training, and cardio. Additionally, live sessions are offered.

Unlimited Profile Setup

One membership can be used for a single bike, tread, and guide. You can create an unlimited number of member profiles and check each person’s data separately.

For instance, if your friends and family want to use the bike when they come to visit, you can create individual profiles for each of them.

User Metrics

Regardless of how many profiles you create, you can track your metrics. You can view all the information about your rides, badges, accomplishments, daily records, and other information by using separate profiles, for instance.

However, if you decide to cancel your subscription, all that’s left are a few classes and some basic metrics about how well you’re doing right now, just like on a regular bike.

What is Peloton Subscription Fee?

The subscription costs $39 per month. Some people might believe that spending this much on a fitness subscription is excessive.

However, if you contrast Peloton’s subscription fee with those of other fitness subscriptions, you’ll see that it is extremely inexpensive. However, considering how many workouts you can complete on the platform, the high cost is acceptable.

Is Peloton Without a Subscription a Worthy Choice?

Getting a subscription is preferable if you intend to stick with your Peloton bike and exercise routine over the long term. You can benefit fully from owning a Peloton bike if you have an all-access membership. A tracking system is available to support your workout, and you can experience a wide range of services.

Even so, Peloton without a subscription can be very helpful, particularly if you use it briefly and are more interested in basic workouts. Without an app and just using the equipment, Peleton can still produce a sizable result over time.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Peloton With a Subscription?

Following are the pros and cons of the Peloton:


  • You can work out whenever you want.
  • Numerous live class options, such as cycling, yoga stretching, and cardio, are available on the Peloton app.
  • You can compete against coworkers and friends using Peloton.
  • Your entire activity history is kept in a different profile.


  • The total household membership fee is $40 per month.
  • Not ideal for building upper body muscle.
  • The bike is almost useless without a subscription.
  • It cannot compete with the in-person spin community.

Can I Share My Peloton Subscription?

All residents of the same home may share a Peloton All-Access membership, also known as a Connect Fitness membership.

This indicates that up to a maximum of 20 users from your family can access your Peloton membership.

Before sharing their username and password with others, Peloton app users cannot share their membership. On a device, however, only one person can use the Peloton app at once.


Currently, one of the best indoor cycling machines is the Peloton bike. It is cutting-edge equipment that offers carefully crafted training programs for every fitness objective.

Does Peloton require a subscription to use? You can choose to get a Peloton subscription or not, as you have already read in his guide on how to use a Peloton bike without one. It all depends on your goals. It all comes down to your lifestyle, financial capacity, and level of commitment.


Can We Pause the Peloton Subscription?

The best way to pause your Peloton subscription is to give them a call or use their online chat service. In case you need it, they will assist you in canceling your subscription.

You can go into the settings and can pause your subscription for the time being by selecting Manage subscriptions, then click on the option of “Pause.” You must also decide how long you want to pause your subscription.

Can I Use Tread Without a Subscription?

Although tread is free to use, you won’t be able to access live streams, classes, or any of the other countless pieces of published content.

Your access to extensive libraries and live courses will end if you choose to cancel or deactivate your All-Access membership.

However, you’ll continue to access only three courses that have been previously recorded and the “Just Ride” feature. No stats will be logged or saved in your rider profile even though you are permitted to participate in these courses.